Seit circa 10 Jahren arbeite ich als Übersetzerin, selbstständig oder angestellt und lerne immer noch dazu. Dabei habe ich, neben Technik und IT, auch touristische, BWL- und Marketing-Inhalte in verschiedenen Formaten übersetzt. Hier eine Arbeitsprobe von der norddeutschen Webseite Blumenthal.de (deutsch/englisch):



After the town library Blumenthal closed its gates in 1996,  the “Förderverein Bibliothek Blumenthal e.V.” (library promotion association) was founded in 1997, with the aim of continuing the work of the former library based on volunteers. In April 1998, the Blumenthal library had its festive opening in the school complex Eggestedter Straße. In 2002 the library obtained new, bright shelves and a department for audiobooks. After two removals, the Blumenthal library is situated today in Mühlenstr. 70 and caters to all age groups. New users are always welcome and, after paying the annual fee (11-€ for single members or 18-€ for families), automatically become members of the library association. On request, a guided tour of the library for children’s and school groups can take place after the registration. The library’s holdings are about 10,000 media. Novels, crime stories, nonfiction for children and adults. Books for children and young people, audiobooks as well as books in English (…). The holdings are constantly supplemented with current titles and managed by dedicated staff. Apart from the regular lending, the library organises book fairs on the last Saturday before the summer holidays and on the Saturday before First Advent.“